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Pip pip, cheerio, stiff upper lip and all that. Now, how about a nice spot of tea, what?
Original wallpaper, icons, British flag cursors and double-decker bus pointer, startup screen, font and sounds.

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The majestic Inca city of Machu Picchu attracts millions of visitors from around the world each year. Oh mighty condor, take me home, up into the Andes, to be with my Inca brothers.
Wallpaper, icons, cursors, font, startup, wait and shutdown screens with logo installer, and sounds.

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Bienvenidos a Mexico. The culture of Mexico is celebrated  in this theme. Que Viva Mexico!
Original wallpaper, icons, Mexican flag cursors, startup, wait and shutdown screens with logo installer, sounds and some extra sounds.

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As we look across the Place D'Armes and up at the tall twin towers of Notre-Dame, "Temperance" and "Perseverance", we see a sight that would dignify any square in Europe. Concious of her history, proud of her culture, Montreal promises to become the city of choice for the next generation.
Original wallpaper, icons, 2 ani cursors of the Quebec and Canadian flags, 12 static fleur de lis cursors, font, startup, wait and shutdown screens with logo installer and sounds.

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Native legend tells of Lelawala, a beautiful maid betrothed by her father to a brave she despised. Rather than marry, Lelawala chose to sacrifice herself to her true love He-No, the Thunder God, who dwelled in a cave behind the Horseshoe Falls. She paddled her canoe into the swift current of the Niagara River and was swept over the brink. He-No caught her as she plummeted, and together their spirits are said to live forever in the Thunder God's sanctuary behind the Falls.
Wallpaper with 2 animated waterfall cursors, 12 static cursors, startup screen, font and stereo sounds.

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O great Yosemite, whose trails ribbon up beyond your lakes, glistening mirrors where mountains streaked with snow edge the dark blue sky. Your great pines lifting greenest needles to the sky, and snow drifts ribbed like sparkling dunes from warm sunlight and icy winds.
Wallpaper in 1024, 1280, and 1680 sizes, 3D icons, cursors, startup screen, XP bootscreen, and stereo sounds. Matching screensaver and Winamp skin available separately.

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While Ottawa is now a major metropolis and Canada's fourth largest city, at the time it was chosen as capital by Queen Victoria in 1857, it was a sometimes unruly logging town in the hinterland, far away from the British colony's main cities. The true north, strong and free.
Parliament building wallpaper, icons, 2 ani cursors of the Canadian flag and a rotating maple leaf, 12 static maple leaf cursors, sound files, font and startup screen are included.

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Bonjour et bienvenue a Paris. Nicknamed "the City of Light" (la Ville Lumière) since lighting its main boulevards with gas street lamps in 1828, the city of Paris also has a reputation as a "romantic" city and the "heart of Europe". Viva la France.
Eiffel Tower wallpaper, French flag cursors, icons and traditional French music sound files. Startup screen, font and extra sounds also included.

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Rome's history extends nearly 2,800 years, during which time it has been the seat of ancient Rome and later the Papal States, Kingdom of Italy and Italian Republic. Rome is sometimes called "the Eternal City."
Original wallpaper, icons, Italian flag cursors, startup screen and traditional Italian music sounds.

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O ye'll tak' the high road and I'll tak' the low road,
An' I'll be in Scotland afore ye,
But me and my true love will never meet again,
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomon'.
Land of my high endeavour,
Land of the shining river,
Land of my heart for ever,
Scotland the brave!
Original wallpaper in 1024 and 800 sizes, icons, Scottish flag cursors, startup, wait and shutdown screens, and stereo sounds. Matching Winamp skin also available.


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